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About Us


About Us!

We are a firm specialized in services of Compliace Policy-Escrow both in real estate operations and commercial operations, which providing full legal security as transparency in each operation. 

Our advisors have the knowledge and experience of more than 50 years to provide advice and design a tailored suit according to your needs to help you achieve your goals both in the business and personal spheres. 

Given the current global context, we recognize the growing area of opportunity that industrial and intellectual property represents for companies and we offer them our fiduciary services and legal and tax advice specialized in this matter. 

Our Services

Our Services

Restricted Zone Trust

It is the vihicle with full legal validity, with which foreigners are allowed... View Details


Real Estate

Our compliance Policy, PDC - Escrow Agreement instrument that fully... View Details.



It is a transparent Liquid Flow Management account for commercial... View Details.


Real Estate

It is the instrument that allows foreigners without permanent residence in... View Details.


It is the vital part, this service is contracted by the buyer, where the client trust... View Details.

Restricted Zone Trust

Restricted Zone Trust

It is the vehicle with full legal validity, with which foreigners are allowed to acquire and enjoy a property on the border and beaches in Mexico for residential use, assuring the foreigner all the rights and privileges of possession. 


  1. The Foreigner (Beneficiary) is the owner of all rights through the Trust Certificate and decision-marking as owner.

  2. By instructions of the Foreigner (Beneficiary), his Trust Certificate Assets may be offered as collateral for obtaining credits from Financial Institutions in México or abroad.

  3. Testamentary clause that allows heirs to avoid lawsuits in Mexico and abroad, the easiest and most economical way to transfer your assets in Mexico to your heirs.

  4. When you sell the property, you will receive the full money for the desired purposes.


  1. Full legal validity.

  2. Peace of mind for you and your heirs.

  3. Without succession. 

  4. You may mortgage the property, improve it, bequeath it or sell it. 

  5. Simplified process to make changes to your confidence (this is so important that we have to repeat it).

  6. Manage then management of resources more efficiently

PDC - Escrow

PDC - Escrow Real Estate

Our compliance Policy, PDC - Escrow Agreement instrument that fully guarantees the parties That the resources deposited for the operaion are safe and will be transferred as agreed in the private contracts they have signed, without the need to litigate their compliance in a complex and lengthy trial. 

Fiduciary Intermediation is an essential tool to guarantee these operations. At GFC GROUP ESCROW SOLUTIONS we provide the Escrow service through our Compliance Policy, PDC - Escrow, fundamentally in real estate purchase and sale operations and short- term rentals, as well as in other commercial operations. 

Through a Compliance Policy - Escrow, GFC GROUP ESCROW SOLUTIONS, the Trustee and impartial third party, receives the Buyer's deposit in custody and, once the conditions agreed between the parties have been that may arise in real estate operations, or in transactions of high-value products or supplies. 

Guarantees Payments in your purchase and sale operations.

  1. Guarantees for the seller that he will receive his money when he signs the deed and delivers the property.

  2. Guarantees for the Real Estate Advisor that he will receive his commission. 

  3. Security fot the parties who will immediately receive the adreed parments. 

  4. ​Guarantees for the buyer that he will receive the property deeded in his name. 

  5. Guarantees for the parts of that they will receive the penalty if there is Non-compliace with any of them. 

  6. Guarantees  for the Buyer that the advance will be returned it the operation is not completed. 

  7. Guarantees that the resources are armored against third parties. 


PDC - Escrow Commercial

It is a transparent Liquid Flow Management account for commercial operations, which gives full legal and fiscal validity, guaranteeing greater financial productivity both business and personal.

Benefits of High Power:

  • Protected identity

  • Resources in this account cannot be seized, frozen, or blocked.

  • Tax shielding

  • Transparency in the management of funds

  • Lowest cost on the market

  • Customized strategic plan

  • Agile succession, without probate for his heirs.


  • Opens in 24hrs

  • Legal and fiscal security

  • Without setting up a company

  • Pesos and dollars

  • No limitations on transfers

  • Point of Sale Terminal

TBO - Real

TBO - Real Estate

Closing Service

It is the instrument that allows foreigners without permanent residence in Mexico legal certainty; with which they will be able to optimize the taxes for the sale of their residence in the Restricted Zone, obtaining greater financial gain.


1.- There is no limit on the amount of the consideration to optimize the tax.

2.- Higher profit

3.- Full legal and fiscal certainty.

4.- It applies to real estate (residence, apartments, land and industrial warehouse).

5.- There is no need to file deductions (CFDI).

It is the vital part, this service is contracted by the buyer, where the client trusts us to carry out the verification that all the documents are correct and in order to deliver the documentation to the Notary Public and that he proceeds to the design of the public deed to carry out the acquisition of the property.

Each of our closing services is tailored to the needs of our clients, as each case is different.


Escrow is a financial vehicle with legal validity that guarantees security and transparency, mainly in transactions of purchase and sale of real estate, as well as in commercial operations that gives it benefits of high power both legal and fiscal.

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